Save The Wave

It was summer of 2007 and I had just completed the replacement of the interior of my '72 convertible, which I had just purchased in February of that year, and given that the sun was shining under a bright blue sky, decided to take "Dads LT-1" out for its maiden voyage. It was one of those rare mornings in New York where the humidity was low, the wind was soft and gentle and the air was a crisp cool breeze.

I had not driven the car since purchasing it as I was waiting until I was done doing my upgrading and replacement. So I pulled out the ragtop from the garage, gave it a nice misting of detailing spray, polished the wheels, wiped down the windshield and fired up the rebuilt '70 LT-1 power-plant that was dropped into the Corvette.

After about 20 minutes into the ride, feeling the wind whipping through my hair and enjoying the tunes I was approaching an intersection with a red light. I decided to move into the left turning lane and as I slowly approached the traffic light I dropped the M20 into second gear. I just so happened to look over to my left and noticed two men working on a white C3 Corvette on the driveway. They must have heard the sweet tones radiating from my headers and side-pipes as I was downshifting and both looked up and give me The Wave tagged along with a smile. I immediately returned the favor along with a quick tap of the horn. I then realized that I now belong to an elite group of owners. I promised myself that I will return to that intersection the next season and stop in and say hello to those fellow Corvette owners.

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Source: Save The Wave (online)

Submitted by Phil Ellison