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$290 Million - Corvette Plant Upgrade

DETROIT -- General Motors plans to spend $290 million on its Corvette plant in Kentucky, just as rumors about GM's plans for the next generation of its iconic sports car heat up.

GM today said it will "upgrade and modify" the Bowling Green plant's vehicle assembly operations for "technology upgrades and manufacturing process improvements." It didn't say whether the investment is needed for an eventual redesign of the Corvette, which is three years into its seventh generation.

The announcement comes amid speculation about the next iteration of the 'Vette. Last month, Car & Driver reported that a midengine Corvette -- for decades the subject of enthusiast rumors and lust -- is slated for the 2019 model year.

The magazine's report cited an "impeccable source" and includes plenty of detail, even reporting that some prototypes of the "C8" (eighth-generation) Corvette are housed in Building 54 at GM's proving grounds in Milford, Mich. It says the car would use a version of today's V-8 engine, be priced around $80,000 and will be shown at the Detroit auto show in January 2018.

The report also says that the current C7 Corvette Stingray will be phased out by late 2018. That would leave the critically praised current version in service for slightly more than five years, a truncated product cycle relative to previous Corvettes. The C6, for example, was in service for about eight years. Some industry forecasters don't expect the next-gen Corvette to appear until after 2020.

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Source: Mike Colias - Automotive News

Submitted by Phil Ellison

Three Crunched Cars

As witnessed by Phil Ellison, NMCA webmaster: Sunday August 21st I took my father to the car show held at the American Legion Post 49 hall on east Central. As we were approaching the entrance I heard a substantial bang or thud. Didn't give it much thought as there were other large trucks making noise in the area. We strolled through the cars, and came upon a very nice looking 1940's coupe. As my dad explored the car I said hello to the older gentleman standing in front of the car. "What a shame" he says to me. He could see I was puzzled - then he pointed to the passenger side of the car - As I rounded the front I saw what he was talking about. A fine looking 1969 GTO had its driver rear end pressed into the 1940's car. To the 1940's car there appeared to be relatively minor damage - but still would require body work and paint. The tail of the GTO received more damage. But the story doesn't stop there. I'm looking at the GTO, and wondering how on earth did it get to where it was. I swing around to the other side of the GTO, and find that the passenger tail was smashed rather badly. What happened was that an older truck was backing into place to be on display. The GTO was in the row behind the truck. When it came time to stop, the truck hit the gas instead, ramming into the GTO, which got pushed a solid 3 feet sideways, and into the 1940's car. In all of my car shows I've never seen an accident like this one.

The police showed up and took their statements, etc. However I left before the GTO owner showed up. I can only imagine the scene as he walks back to his car and both sides of his rear end are crunched badly.

The one time I leave my phone in the car is the time I needed it to get a photo.

Submitted by Phil Ellison

98-Year-Old Corvette Owner Is Badass

GrandC7 might have just answered the question as to who's the coolest Corvette owner around. With the claim that she's the oldest Corvette owner on the planet (if that's not true, somebody please come forward), GrandC7 posted the photo of this woman with the caption, "Took delivery today."

There is no information about who she is, what her name is, or how many Corvettes she's owned, but he posted a follow-up in the thread saying that she is a long-time 'Vette owner. We also know she has an incredible sense of style, wears sandals to drive, and got the car from Les Stanford Chevrolet, which is right down the street from the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

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Source: Tony Markovich - Corvette Forum

Submitted by Phil Ellison

Dealership Joy Rides Customer Corvette

If a recent CorvetteForum is to believed, the owner of a 2016 Corvette took the into a California dealership and got more than just service out of the visit - he also watched a "joyride" by an employee. The owner never said whether the service was successful either.

The person claiming to be the owner had the car's "Valet Mode" - which on this particular car shoots dash-cam video once the engine comes on - enabled at the time of servicing, and had to watch the care make a close call through a yellow light and get up to 83 mph nearby what looks to be residcential area at one point during the drive.

In the post, the person claiming to have dropped off the Corvette in Bakersfiels, CA said dealership employees "offered no more than an apology to make it right" upon being told about the drive. From the forum post, which may only tell one side of the story.

GM Customer Care also would not help. They basically said it wasn't their problem, and to take it up with the dealership.

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Source: Alanis King - Jalopnik

Submitted by Phil Ellison

13 years old - 57 miles

The fifth-generation Chevrolet Corvette (C5) has its critics. It wasn't exactly the fastest Corvette (hey there, ZR-1) nor was it the best looking, and its interior notably didn't get the highest marks. That said it was reliable, fun, comfortable to drive, and used C5's offer tremendous value for money.

This one however is a bit more noteworthy than the rest. No, not because it's a 50th Anniversary Edition, and no, not because it's a one-owner 'Vette. It's essentially a brand new 13-year old car with only 57 miles to its name. Gasp.

According to its eBay listing , this Chevrolet Corvette was purchased by its current owner in 2003 and has been stored in like-new condition ever since. Even the original plastic wrap covers the interior. The price for such a time capsule car? Surprisingly, not too expensive. The 'Vette asks just $44,900.

So what did you get in 2003 for your 50th Anniversary Edition money, which added about a $5,000 premium to the car? For the most part, exclusive looks. All "50th" coupes and convertibles wore the lovely "Anniversary Red Metallic" paint, complemented by champagne colored alloy wheels, tan leather seats with darker interior accents, a host of optional convenience features, plus the then-new F55 Magnetic Selective Ride Control system, which delivered a more tunable suspension.

Under the bonnet is the same 5.7-liter LS1 V8 that you'd find in the standard Corvette, pumping out 350 horsepower, and in this instance putting it to terra firma through a six-speed manual gearbox. A four-speed automatic was also optional, though the uprated LS6 V8 giving 405 hp was not.

All told, these cars could sprint to 60 mph in just under five seconds, dash the quarter mile in 13 seconds, and achieve a top speed of 175 mph. This one however has likely done none of those things..

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Source: Boldride

Submitted by Phil Ellison

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