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One Of 10,494 - The '63 Story (Story Below)

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Sponsor hotel must be booked before 12/18/18 to secure the discounted rates.

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Submitted by Ron Scott

One Of 10,494 - The '63 Split Window

If a person works real hard in life they get to buy back all of the prized possessions they let go in their younger years, or at least a reasonable facsimile. Such is the case for Dr. Roland Walters of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the '63 Corvette split-window he owns today. It was late December 1962, when Roland took delivery of his first Corvette, at 19 years of age, from Ayres Chevrolet in Edmond, Oklahoma. Roland was in California attending Stanford while his dad handled ordering the Corvette with him by phone.

Roland recollected back to September 1962, when they ordered the split-window, and they weren't even sure what it was going to look like. They knew a fixed roof coupe was new to the Corvette lineup, and theirs should have a four-speed transmission with a fuel-injected 327 under the hood.

The Walters didn't option N40 power steering for an additional $75.35 like 3,063 other 1963 Corvette buyers did, but they did spring $37.70 for J35 sintered metallic brakes and wisely another $43.05 for J50 power brakes. Wisely because J35 sintered metallic brakes don't work real well cold, and take extra heavy pedal pressure to stop.

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Source: John Gilbert - Super Chevy

Submitted by Phil Ellison

The Kraemer Story

My name is Frank. 33 years after selling my 1964 Corvette at the age of 18, my wife, Barbara, and I decided it was time to add a Corvette to our family. After all, our children were grown, and although the grandchildren kept us busy, we felt that we needed to find a hobby to share in order to spend some quality time together. So, we tried golf. However, that didn't work out. Purchasing a Corvette and attending Corvette shows seemed like the natural solution!

We found our treasure, a 1993 Coupe with an all black interior, in July 2007. Shortly after, we became customers of Mid America Motorworks. I was already familiar with Mike Yager and his story on how he got started in the Corvette Parts and Accessories Industry and held high respect for him.

I loved thinking up crazy ideas about what I wanted to do with the Corvette, so I spent many late nights shopping online at www.mamotorworks.com to see if Mid America Motorworks offered such parts. Of course, Barbara had heavy influence over the decisions, too.

We started off simple, by adding little chrome accessories to the Corvette. Then in April of 2009, we had the Corvette completely re-painted. Barbara and I chose Competition Yellow.

Living in Pennsylvania made it convenient to attend one of the best Corvette shows, Corvettes at Carlisle. This year, our third year in attendance, we were pleased to see the Mid America Motorworks show team once again. I was impressed with their display.

While at Corvettes at Carlisle, we decided it was time to investigate getting some new Corvette seats. With the help from Eric Spiker, one of Mid America Motorworks' finest sales representatives, we were able to discuss various choices and options. For example, Eric confirmed that we could easily have the 40th Anniversary logo embroidered on any seat we chose. It didn't take long for us to choose exactly what we wanted, since every leather color choice was available to see and feel in the Mid America Motorworks' display.

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Source: Frank Kraemer - Mid America Autoworks

Submitted by Phil Ellison

I Love Corvettes

I have had a love for Corvettes since before my teen years. I am now 61. As a teenager my brother Andy owned a Nassau Blue 1966 Corvette, 427 that was rated at 425 hp. It was really more like 450 hp because GM had under rated it for insurance purposes. After riding in his car for the first time I was hooked more than ever.

He actually let me drive it once. I have always wanted a C2 big block, but they have been out of reach for me financially, so I settled for a few less expensive Corvettes throughout my life. I was finally able to buy my first when I was 25 years old. It was a 1969 convertible. My girlfriend Vicki, now my wife, went with me when I bought it. We were married about a year later and I sold it to finance our first home.

Since that time we have owned a 1977, 1990, another 1969, 2002 and now a 2007. Appropriately, this C6 is our 6th Corvette and could possibly be our last. That's fine with me as we have had the opportunity to own some amazing Corvettes in our lifetime. After buying our second 1969, I started attending car shows on a regular basis. The car won many awards over a period of 2 to 3 years, including 3 first place awards. I also challenged myself to see how many magazine features, etc. I could get it in. One such feature was the cover of Mid America Motorworks!

As I conclude, I'm sure there is a kid out there somewhere admiring a Corvette when they see one with a dream of owning their own some day as I did. Good luck to all and keep the passion alive!

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Source: Eddie Howard - Mid America Autoworks

Submitted by Phil Ellison

1956 Racer

My 1956 Corvette has spent nearly its entire life as a race car. It raced in Sports Car Club of America B Production the first 35 years of its career and the last 27 years have been spent vintage racing, mainly with the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association and Historic Sportscar Racing events, but also with Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula and Historic Motor Sports Association.

The car was built by Jerry Bakker and Jim Swan. Jim and Jerry wanted to get into the speed shop business. At the time, Jim Swan was working at his family's Pontiac dealership in suburban Chicago and was an officer in the US Army Reserves. Jerry Bakker was working as an engineer at Sun Electronics, the manufacturer of Sun Tachometers, which were very popular during the 60's with drag and road racers. Sun also manufactured diagnostic, electronic testing and monitoring equipment used in the automotive repair business. Jerry was also Sun's representative at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He would set up the magnetos used on Indy cars in the late 50s and early 60s. Together they founded Motor Sports Research located in Des Plaines, Illinois a Northwestern suburb of Chicago.

They needed a way to test their ideas, theories and services and they felt there was no better way of doing that than building a winning race car. They bought a 1956 Corvette from the service manager of a Pontiac dealership. As Jim describes it, "I bought the car as an average condition turquoise, low performance 1956 Corvette street car. The title and the VIN plate support that. We didn't care since all we needed was the frame, rear end and body. We planned to call the car a '57, using the number 57, since it was essentially a 1957-spec car when done." Motor Sports Research removed the 265 cubic inch engine and installed "a brand new highly enhanced 283" cubic inch engine which was introduced in 1957. The induction system was a Corvette fuel injection unit that they cut in half, added a section to the center and re-welded it to increase volume, fuel mixture and improve air flow. The car was known as "the fastest 283 in the country."

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Source: Andy Bolig - Corvette Online

Submitted by Phil Ellison

Building Engines

Earlier this year the Museum received a letter from Amy East of Brunswick, GA. Her son, 19-year-old Darren Pickren, is a Corvette enthusiast and mechanical engineering student at Mercer University in Macon, GA. Darren was on the President's List, and Amy had purchased him a 1981 Corvette to restore. Life was good!

"Right before Christmas, his dreams of getting a degree and pursuing automotive engineering got put on hold with the diagnosis of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. His prognosis is good, but this has been a real battle for him," Amy wrote.

"It was a surprise for the most part," said Amy. "I didn't tell him a lot right in the beginning. I knew it was his dream. He's always wanted to build high performance engines and he's always loved Corvettes. When he got sick with lymphoma I said 'what can I do to put a smile on his face?' So I emailed the people here at the Corvette Museum and they were an absolute blessing. It has brightened his days going through the chemo. He has a smile on his face all the time."

Darren and his mom visited the Museum the first week of July, working with Daniel Decker to swap out an engine on a C6 Z06 Corvette. "We got to tear the car apart, get the engine, take it out piece by piece, take the newer one, put it back in piece by piece," said Darren. "Corvettes have always been so special to me and I think a visit to this Museum and behind the scenes is just wonderful," added Darren.

According to Amy, the visit was an experience of a lifetime and a dream come true. "He has been on cloud nine since we came home. It means so much to me to see his spirits lifted this way."

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Source: NMC

Submitted by Phil Ellison

Build Sheets & Window Stickers

Build Sheets There's a lot of nifty paperwork associated with cars. Most people throw the stuff out shortly after buying their car but in some cases the original paperwork is still available with the car.

The Build Sheet, often considered "the holy grail" to many folks is a cool item to find. It is often the only means of verifying exactly what options came with your particular car, and helps you determine how many Corvettes were produced exactly like yours. The build sheet is what goes down the line with the car when it is being assembled. It indicates to the line worker exactly what goes on that specific car.

Q. Does the build sheet contain the build date?
A. No. In 2006 the Assembly Plant quit putting dates of any type on the build sheet. Prior to that, the date on the build sheet was NOT the date the car was built, but the date the order was entered for production. It has been reported that it took 7-10 working days from the time the order was entered until the Corvette rolled off the production line.

Q. Does the key code appear on the build sheet?
A. No. The key codes do not appear on the build sheets due to security reasons. Key codes can only be obtained through an authorized dealer.

Q. How can I obtain a build sheet for a Corvette built in St. Louis?
A. We do not know. We have been told by General Motors that all records from the St. Louis Plant were destroyed in a fire after the Assembly Plant was re-located to Bowling Green in mid-1981.

Window Sticker
Also called a Monroney Label, this is the sticker that is affixed to a new car when it is delivered to the consumer. A law was passed by Congress in 1958 requiring all automobile manufacturers to affix a price label to all new automobiles showing Manufacturers Suggested Retail Prices for a vehicle and all options installed at the factory. This law was proposed by Senator John Monroney, and was to begin with new 1959 models.

If your car is a show car, this informational piece is a must! Some car shows such as Bloomington Gold require you to have a list of options on the car. What better way than a reproduction of the window sticker?

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Source: NMC

Submitted by Phil Ellison

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