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Build Sheets & Window Stickers (Story Below)

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Roadrunner Region 2019 Kickoff - Jan 18-21 - see below for details.

Bruce Wylie (formerly at Scottys Southwest Corvettes) has a new shop.
8418 Washington NE, Albuquerque - Bruce's Corvettes & Automotive

Roadrunner Region 2019 Kickoff Announced

January 18-21, 2019 in Tucson, AZ - 2019 Roadrunner Kickoff event. This is not an NCCC competitive event. Instead, this is 4 days of sight-seeing, partying and shop-talk with fellow Corvette enthusiast from throughout the region.

Sponsor hotel must be booked before 12/18/18 to secure the discounted rates.

Contact NMCA Governor Ron Scott for additional details. Caravan details from Albuquerque to Tucson will be posted at a later date.

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Submitted by Ron Scott

Build Sheets & Window Stickers

Build Sheets There's a lot of nifty paperwork associated with cars. Most people throw the stuff out shortly after buying their car but in some cases the original paperwork is still available with the car.

The Build Sheet, often considered "the holy grail" to many folks is a cool item to find. It is often the only means of verifying exactly what options came with your particular car, and helps you determine how many Corvettes were produced exactly like yours. The build sheet is what goes down the line with the car when it is being assembled. It indicates to the line worker exactly what goes on that specific car.

Q. Does the build sheet contain the build date?
A. No. In 2006 the Assembly Plant quit putting dates of any type on the build sheet. Prior to that, the date on the build sheet was NOT the date the car was built, but the date the order was entered for production. It has been reported that it took 7-10 working days from the time the order was entered until the Corvette rolled off the production line.

Q. Does the key code appear on the build sheet?
A. No. The key codes do not appear on the build sheets due to security reasons. Key codes can only be obtained through an authorized dealer.

Q. How can I obtain a build sheet for a Corvette built in St. Louis?
A. We do not know. We have been told by General Motors that all records from the St. Louis Plant were destroyed in a fire after the Assembly Plant was re-located to Bowling Green in mid-1981.

Window Sticker
Also called a Monroney Label, this is the sticker that is affixed to a new car when it is delivered to the consumer. A law was passed by Congress in 1958 requiring all automobile manufacturers to affix a price label to all new automobiles showing Manufacturers Suggested Retail Prices for a vehicle and all options installed at the factory. This law was proposed by Senator John Monroney, and was to begin with new 1959 models.

If your car is a show car, this informational piece is a must! Some car shows such as Bloomington Gold require you to have a list of options on the car. What better way than a reproduction of the window sticker?

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Source: NMC

Submitted by Phil Ellison

Corvette History For 500

For Lauren Michniacki, Corvette have always been a part of her life - so it was only natural that when she competed on Jeopardy, she give a shout out to the iconic car and Museum.

"As long as I can remember, he's [dad, Joseph] always had a Corvette. [When I was] growing up he had a 1984 C4. Every year around by birthday they would take a photo of me with the car. When you first announced that you were opening the Museum - he has been a pretty life-long Corvette fan, and classic cars in general, he decided he would join as a founding member of the Museum and bought a brick." Joseph later traded in his 1984 for a 2011.

Lauren grew up in Michigan, and with family in both Nashville and Knoxville, a stopover at the Plant and Museum with her dad was convenient when they were traveling to visit. "We visited a couple of times, did the factory tour once or twice. I haven't been in a long time but he's been since the sinkhole."

"Growing up, I was in love with your Corvette pinball machine in the lobby, and you could play it. I would play it a lot. My favorite display Corvette in the Museum was the Mako Shark. I just loved the paint, the body style. If I could have one, that's what I would want. Of course, when I was a kid I didn't realize it was one-of-a-kind."

After eight years of trying to score a spot to compete on Jeopardy, Lauren finally got her chance. "Mother and I always watched Jeopardy when I was growing up. I was pretty good at it." According to Lauren, the process is very in-depth. "The first thing you have to do is an online contestant quiz that they issue once or twice a year. You take it - like 50 questions - and only have 10-15 seconds on each one, so not enough time to Google the answers. Then you have to wait. Next is an in-person audition. They called me for that in 2015. And then you have another quiz. They do a personality interview to understand who you are going to be on the show on camera. Then there is a mock game with a board and buzzer. They want to see if you are comfortable and confident answering questions. And then, another waiting game. During this time, you are active in their database for a year and a half. If they don't call you, you have to start the process all over. My year and a half was about to expire in December, 2016 when they called me in the fall of 2016 and asked me out to California where it shoots before it airs. We filmed the show at the end of 2016."

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Source: NMC

Submitted by Phil Ellison

Ultimate Gift

Neckties, cologne, tools, grilling supplies, a card - most of us pick-up a small item that may or may not be very meaningful for dad on Father's Day. But for one Owensboro, Kentucky man - he received the surprise of a lifetime.

Randy Head has been a fan of Corvette most of his life, with the second and fourth cars he ever owned being the iconic sports car. But as life happens, and kids come along, like many people he no longer had a Corvette. For a long time, Randy would say that he was going to get another Corvette 'one day.'

"Dad always would say he wanted a Corvette to be his and mom's travel car, but he never made time to buy it," said son Ben.

Randy's wife Stacy decided she was going to change that with the best surprise ever. "Dad didn't know I was coming in for Father's Day weekend, and mom hid the car in the garage," said Ben.

Needless to say, Randy was quite surprised when Stacy opened the garage door, and sitting there was a 2006 Black Coupe. Ben was able to catch the exciting reaction on camera as Randy checked out his new ride with grandson Maverick and daughter Whitney also joining in (warning - very 'excited' language used!).

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Source: NMC

Submitted by Phil Ellison

Bowling Green Special

Thomas Myers was just a young boy when he saw his first Corvette, but made a promise to himself that he would own one someday. "Every time he saw a Corvette, he always waved," said Marilyn Britt, Tom's companion of nine years.

But it wasn't until 1981 that he purchased his very first Corvette - a brand new 1981 two-tone Silver and Charcoal Coupe… one of the first off the lines at the new GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant. "That's why it was so important to him… and it's a two tone. They only made a few of those," said Marilyn. "He kept buying and selling Corvettes, but he always kept the 1981 in mint condition - it was his Bowling Green special."

Tom owned four Corvettes when he and Marilyn met, but he had owned more than 20 over the years. "He loved Corvettes and was absolutely obsessed with the 1981. That was his baby and he loved it."

Marilyn fondly recalled the first time she went with Tom to a car show. "It was the year we started dating and we went down to Islamorada, FL for the show. It was my first car show, but I've been to a million with Tom since. He won a trophy. Tom's leg started hurting so I had to drive the car home. I was real nervous!"

Tom was a true enthusiast, having been a member of the Corvette Club of Palm Beaches, and Gold Coast Corvette Club. Originally from Wallingford, CT, Tom had a heated garage and driveway to keep his collection nice and cozy during the cold winter months up north. And when he moved to Florida in the early 2000s, his garage was air conditioned. "He was a true lover of Corvettes and treated them like they were his children," added Marilyn.

Being an enthusiast, Tom was quite familiar with the National Corvette Museum, taking delivery of his 2002 Millennium Yellow Corvette through the R8C Museum Delivery Program and having visited several times with his Corvette club. "He was really into it," said Marilyn.

"Gary Cockriel [from the Museum] came to one of our club meetings and told us about donating a car. Tom went over after the meeting and talked to Gary and said 'yes - I want to donate my 1981.' But he didn't know when. He was going to leave it in his will, then he got cancer right after that. He thought he'd fight it, but it didn't work," said Marilyn. "He gave it a good shot."

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Source: NCM

Submitted by Phil Ellison

Corvette Number 61

While some Corvette owners treat their cars like royalty, driving them easy, and only in dry conditions, this cannot be said about all Corvette owners. Other Corvette owners daily their Corvettes, taking their Vettes through monsoons and snowstorms - like nothing can stop their Corvette driving experience.

While these daily driver Corvettes may have taken a little beating in their time, it is unlikely they have gotten to the same level of abuse as the 2005 Corvette Manufacturing Validation Build Corvette, "Number 61"

Manufacturing Validation Build (MVB) Corvettes are built prior to full public production and subjected to rigorous tests to fix problems that may occur once the car gets some miles on the drivetrain.

This MVB Corvette was one of the first for the new C6 Corvette, with VIN #00061. It was outfitted with a 4-speed automatic transmission, which was a 0-cost option for the 2005 model, and 400HP LS2 engine. The color on this Corvette is "precision red", which was only offered for the first half of the 2005 model year.

Throughout its life span from 2005-2008, this Corvette was a test car for the development of the 6-speed automatic transmissions that made its way into the 2006 and newer Corvettes.

Even though the 2005 C6 was the most technologically advanced Corvette of its time, the 4-speed automatic transmission was being pushed to its limit under the hefty power of the LS2. During testing, this car was outfitted with a more efficient 2006 6-speed automatic transmission, and later, it was outfitted with a 2008 6-speed automatic transmission, as well as the new LS3 430HP engine.

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Source: NCM

Submitted by Phil Ellison

Corvette Club Holds Flag Pole Dedication

Memorial Day weekend couldn't have gotten any better at the NCM Motorsports Park as the Shenango Valley Corvette Club visited to participate in a special flag pole dedication ceremony. The group donated money for the purchase and installation of the flag pole, as well as funds for replacement flags.

"We are pretty excited about it," said Club Ambassador Ken Jelley. "A couple of years ago we bought an acre for the track, so we've been pretty involved here."

Club President Dennis Webber echoed Ken's sentiment. "We feel we are very blessed people to be able to do what we do every day and drive cars and have fun. And to be able to do this over Memorial Day weekend was a big thing for our club."

Ken shared that the club is a founding member of the Museum, before it was even open to the public. "We've been buying bricks, tiles, flags and banners. We've been involved for quite a while. The Museum keeps the hobby alive for future generations."

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Source: NCM

Submitted by Phil Ellison

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