1964 Corvette Vanishes One Part At A Time

"The first feeling I had was it was a convertible, but the chrome on the pillar appeared to be a LeMans or a GTO because the door was off."Staring between boards in the side of a garage, Kenny Orr felt a little like an intruder. He had driven 60 miles north from his home in Canal Winchester, Ohio, on a longshot.

Most people would say, "Ah, forget it. That's a bunch of bull." Orr loves the thrill of the hunt for old cars and couldn't resist a tip on a midyear Corvette. His son Jason had overheard a conversation in the break room about a Corvette and a 1957 Nomad in a building near a school in the small town of Cardington, Ohio, population 2,050.

"I drove up and started looking for a building that could house a couple of cars. I drove all over and there was nothing around there that would hold two cars."

Orr called his son to ask for more hints. While cruising neighborhoods in Cardington, Orr told Jason all he could see was a one-car building near a couple of real huge pine trees.

Jason said, "That's it. See if you can look in the building."

Apparently, two big pine trees were close to "X marks the spot." Orr parked in what looked like the driveway to a house and got out, a little apprehensive, to investigate the garage. He peeked between boards to see the chrome and pillar of a convertible. Not satisfied with the view, he walked to the back of the old garage to discover a much larger hole.

Orr could see clearly the vandalized remains of a midyear Corvette convertible. The driver's door was gone. The passenger side and door was up against a wall. The left rear quarter-panel was busted. The old Vette was in bad condition, but fit Orr's vision of a restomod project he had in mind.

"I go next door and these people were just renting their house. They had no clue who the owner was. Then, I looked through the trees, there were no leaves on them, and I could make out what appeared to be a car back there in the woods behind the garage."

Orr walked into the woods to discover the remains of a 1957 Nomad sports wagon. The car was sitting on what appeared to be the concrete pad of a garage.

"The 1957 was toast. I mean it was like total burnout, total rust, roof caved in from a fallen tree. I thought somebody stripped this thing down, which probably wasn't a bad idea before it caught on fire."

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Source: Jerry Heasley, SuperChevy.com

Submitted by Phil Ellison