1970 Corvette Road Test

Another Corvette road test? One more plunge into the verbal thicket in an attempt to describe the exact sensation in the region of the fourth pelvic vertebrae when the throttle is punched on a 427-cu. in., 435-horsepower Stingray? More open combat with similes and metaphors for the sake of establishing the fact that the Corvette is a very rapid and exciting automobile-already an article of faith among the entire population, including pre-pubescent schoolgirls? Let's dispense with all that.

If we are going to discuss the Corvette at all, let's accept a dozen premises in its behalf and hopefully avoid traveling the same old paragraphs to the same old conclusions:

(1) The Corvette is surely the most popular high-performance sports car ever built, with something in the neighborhood of 250,000 examples having been sold since it was introduced in September, 1963.

(2) It is available with a variety of powertrain options, from the popular 350 cu. in., 300-hp "small engine" versions (which account for over 60% of sales) to the blockbuster 427 cu. in. units with outputs ranging from 390 to 435 horsepower, depending on which of the five optional setups is chosen.

(3) The small-engine Corvettes are marginally faster and extraordinarily civilized.

(4) The large-engine Corvettes are extraordinarily fast and marginally civilized.

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Source: Car and Driver

Submitted by Phil Ellison