Dealership Joy Rides Customer Corvette

If a recent CorvetteForum is to believed, the owner of a 2016 Corvette took the into a California dealership and got more than just service out of the visit - he also watched a "joyride" by an employee. The owner never said whether the service was successful either.

The person claiming to be the owner had the car's "Valet Mode" - which on this particular car shoots dash-cam video once the engine comes on - enabled at the time of servicing, and had to watch the care make a close call through a yellow light and get up to 83 mph nearby what looks to be residcential area at one point during the drive.

In the post, the person claiming to have dropped off the Corvette in Bakersfiels, CA said dealership employees "offered no more than an apology to make it right" upon being told about the drive. From the forum post, which may only tell one side of the story.

GM Customer Care also would not help. They basically said it wasn't their problem, and to take it up with the dealership.

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Source: Alanis King - Jalopnik

Submitted by Phil Ellison