C-7 Kwik 7-Speed Billet Shifter

Pick up a Kwik billet 7-speed shifter for your C7 Corvette at Zip Corvette today and we will show you how to install it. This is a easy installation that will only require an hour to two of your time to install. You are going to need a couple of tools to install the new shifter, all of them are fairly common and if you do not have them please do not attempt the installation until you do. You are going to need a ΒΌ ratchet with extension with the following sockets, 10mm.

You will need a small micro flat blade screwdriver or a Delphi pin remover Zip part number TL-164. This is used to help remove some of the electrical plugs on the underside of the console. You will also need a trim remover, the plastic ones would be best so that you do not scratch anything on the console. If you are used to removing GM trim than you may be able to do it by hand, but I would not recommend that since you could break or damage the console. You can find the trim removers at most NAPA stores or SnapOn and MAC tools also have them on the trucks. You will also need a Torx T-25 socket or nut driver. I would highly recommend the SnapOn ratchet nut driver, you will see the one I use in the instruction picture. It helps when tightening the parts back in place because you will not be able to over torque and break anything.

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Source: Zip Corvette Parts

Submitted by Phil Ellison