The C3 Buyers Guide - Part 6 of 7

This is article six in a series of seven.
Model Years 1973-1977
These years retained the sugar scoop rear window but switched to urethane bumpers and single slot fender vents. The 1973 model was unique as it was the only year with a soft front end and chrome rear bumpers. Several milestones are noted in these years although not for the better. The end of the line for the factory big-block V-8 was 1974, 1975 was the last year of the roadster until 1986, and the 1976 has the dubious distinction of the only Corvette to sport a steering wheel lifted from the lowly Vega. Engine choices dwindled as well with the L-82 emerging as the hot engine.

Another trend came to the forefront in this era,the more luxury equipment (leather, automatic trans, air conditioning etc.) built into the C3, the better it sold. 4-speed manual transmissions accounted for less than ten percent of total production. Chevrolet delivered almost 50,ooo Corvettes in 1977 making it top seller of this series. Buyers loved the styling and bling and as long as it had an adequate V8, they snapped them up in droves. GM sold more than 200,000 C3s during this period.

Lastly, Zora Arkus-Duntov retired in 1975 and Dave McClellan took over the coveted job of Corvette chief engineer. For the first time since 1953, the Corvette enterprise was helmed with new vision.

Source: Corvette Online - By Dave Cruikshank

Submitted by Phil Ellison