Does Camero Beat Corvette In HP?

The Corvette is supposed to have the Camaro SS beat, but a dyno test shows otherwise.

The car being tested had an automatic transmission, and the Camaro had a manual, but Hennessey reportedly only got 410 horsepower out of a manual version.

There are obviously quite a few factors that can affect how a car performs on a dyno, but you wouldn't expect the Corvette to make a full 21 horsepower less than the Camaro on the same dyno if it was actually a couple horsepower more powerful.

Assuming Hennessey's results are accurate, that makes the Camaro SS even more of a performance bargain than we thought. And if Chevrolet sees the Camaro being more powerful than the Corvette, the only solution will be to give the Corvette more power. Since when has adding more power been a bad thing?

Source: Collin Woodard - Road & Track

Submitted by Phil Ellison