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Over its 60-odd-year run, the Corvette has largely stuck to its original objective of providing homegrown performance wrapped in a stylish, two-seat package. Its journey has at times been an uncertain one, but now in its seventh generation, it's safe to say the hits have outnumber the misses. Here's our look at the Corvette story from conception to the C7. This is article seven in a series of seven.

C-7: 2014 - ??

2014: The C7 Corvette Stingray debuts at the Detroit auto show in January 2013 wearing a hood and a roof made from carbon fiber, and is followed in March 2013 by the introduction of the Stingray convertible at the Geneva auto show. Packing a naturally aspirated 455-hp, 6.2-liter pushrod V-8 mated to either a seven-speed Tremec manual or a six-speed automatic, we can tell you it's plenty quick. The optional Z51 performance package adds an electronically controlled limited-slip diff; closer gear ratios for the manual gearbox; dry-sump lubrication to prevent oil starvation in racetrack settings; additional cooling for the brakes, differential, and gearbox; larger brakes; and aerodynamic bits to increase high-speed stability. Z51s also get 19-by-8.5-inch front and 20-by-10-inch rear wheels and tires, up from the standard 18-by-8.5- and 19-by-10-inch package. In addition to all the go-fast dirty bits, the C7 generation brings a pretty thorough interior overhaul, including new seats and unprecedented attention to detail. We've already published enough stories on the C7 to fill a small book, but there are many more chapters to come.

Credits: Internet article/series by Andrew Wendler and Kevin Wilson

Submitted by Phil Ellison