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About NMCA

The New Mexico Corvette Association (NMCA) was formed in 1962 and began its
journey with Ed Blacks' Chevrolet on Lomas NE in Albuquerque, NM. Jack House
was the first President, and is currently active with the Atomic Corvette Club in Los Alamos.

NMCA is dedicated to the enjoyment, knowledge and intrigue which surrounds the
Corvette brand and its loyal owners. NMCA follows suit with the saying
"You join for the car, you stay for the people". Membership figures tend to
remain in the 125-140 range. Throughout the years this organization has strived
to afford a wide variety of activity options to the membership. From shows,
caravans and social events to autocrosses, drags and full-fledged racing, NMCA
covers the spectrum of enjoyment to be had involving a Corvette. Members range
from the novice casual Corvette owner to the serious seasoned professional.

NMCA is proud to be recognized as a member of the National Council of Corvette
Clubs (NCCC). By adhering to national guidelines for safety and procedures, NMCA
maximizes the entertainment and "fun factor" to everyone's benefit.

Individuals serious about national competition can rely on NMCA to provide annual
events which receive national recognition and points.

Who & What Is NMCA?

New to the area and/or considering NMCA? Let us introduce ourselves.

NMCA Overview
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Created by Phil Ellison

2018 NMCA Officers: Elected

President - Bob Kitts
Vice-President - Mike Smith
Governor - Ron Scott
Treasurer - Jim Thomte
Secretary - Maggi Kitts
Activities Director - TBA

2018 NMCA Officers: Appointed

Membership - TBA
NMC Representative - Bob Kitts
Webmaster - Phil Ellison

NMCA Mailing Address

PO Box 91355, Albuquerque, NM 87199


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Membership Application

NMCA Application
NCCC Application

Meeting Information

General Meetings

NMCA meets the third Friday of each month (except December), at
North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center 7521 Carmel NE, Albuquerque
Meeting times are usually 6:30 pm -7:30 pm
Guests, visitors and potential members are always welcome to attend.
General meetings tend to last about an hour, and may be followed by a social
gathering at a different location.

Council Meetings

Council (business) meetings are conducted on the Tuesday 10 days prior to the
general meeting. These meetings are attended by NMCA Officers, plus any
interested NMCA member. Should a situation arise requiring a vote, only NMCA
Officers will be entitled to vote. Council meetings are designed to plan and
finalize event details, examine club expenses and insure positive club direction.

Council meetings generally start at 6:30 pm and last 30-60 minutes, but can last
longer if the situation dictates. Meeting location may vary and should be announced
at the previous general meeting and/or within the club website.

NMCA By-Laws & Standing Rules

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NMCA By-Laws
NMCA Standing Rules

NMCA Dues Schedule

Membership runs Nov 1st - Oct 31st

Initial Single - $60
Renewing Single - $50
Initial Couple - $75
Renewing Couple - $65
Dependent - $15
Social Single - $17
Social Couple - $20

Single & couple NMCA memberships include mandatory NCCC membership
Social & dependent members do not have NCCC membership included
"Renewing" indicates no break in membership
Members returning after a lapse in membership will pay "initial" dues for first year
Review NMCA By-Laws and Standing Rules for descriptions of the above categories

To learn more about NCCC and the benefits of membership,
contact the NMCA Governor or visit the NCCC Web Site