Memories Of Dad

Will Szymanski, Sr. was an all-around car guy, but there was something about Chevrolets - specifically Corvettes - that always stood the model above the rest. His son, Will Szymanski, Jr., naturally being brought up by a Corvette admirer, instantly fell in love with America's Sports Car at a young age. Now 29-years-old, the Corvette gives Will Jr. great memories of his late father and reminds him of all the wonderful times he had with his dad.

Will Sr. tragically passed away in 2008 in what his son calls a "freak accident." According to Will Jr., his father fell off a ladder and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He was in shock trauma for two weeks before gaining his wings. Just being 20 at the time, Will Jr. said it was hard to lose not only his best friend, but his Corvette buddy.

"My father and I were best friends - we were inseparable," Szymanski, Jr. said. "He always had a passion for classic cars of all kinds, but Corvettes always had his heart."

Back when Will Jr. was in the eighth grade, his father brought home something that he wasn't expecting. When Will Sr. pulled into the Szymanski driveway with a 1973 Corvette Stingray, Will Jr. says "it was game over for me." From that point forward, he and his dad's friendship would grow into a bond that every father and son hope to share.

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Source: Tyler Mansfield - NCM

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