Restoration Nightmare

Imagine wrapping up the final test drive after the lengthy restoration of your classic Corvette, and having your prized possession wind up in this condition. Talk about a bummer, right? After spending years and over $105,000 restoring his classic 1961 fuelie Corvette to Bloomington Gold standards, it was hit on its first test drive. .

Yup, my guess is horrible, exactly how the 'Vette's owner, Lee Snell, is feeling after a Chevy Impala driven by a 16 year old boy who just got his license in the morning and swerved into the Corvette during the test drive, according to the Globe Gazette report. The 'Vette was being driven by Ray Shimak of Ray's Collision, who was just about to ship the car to Snell where he lives in Florida.

Apparently, Snell has been restoring the Corvette little by little since he purchased it in the '70s, after spending years tracking down parts for the car. Shimak actually took over the restoration of the Corvette in 2006.

Both the Corvette's rear and front end were damaged in the accident. But on a brighter note, Shimak said he'll have Snell's Corvette ready for another "final" test drive by January 1. br>
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Source: Hastings Tribune

Submitted by Phil Ellison