2017 Corvette & NCM Bash

Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles and Corvette Exterior Design Manager Kirk Bennion hosted the annual "What's New For Corvette" seminar at the NCM Bash this year while Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter was out on the west coast with Corvette Racing in Monterey.

This was a different kind of Bash presentation than previous years as most of the major announcements were already known as the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport was revealed a month earlier at Geneva while the four new colors and some new options were confirmed in the 2017 Corvette Order Guide which was made available earlier in the week.

That being said, it's always great to have members of the Corvette Team around to ask question and gain insight on the new models and we took full advantage of it during the bash. Like these seminars always do, Harlan first spoke about the latest news for the 2016 Corvette including production statistics.

As of April 22nd, Chevrolet has produced 37,048 Corvettes for 2016 and the final count when production ends in June will be somewhere between 38,000-40,000 according to Harlan. That will eclipse the 37,288 that Chevrolet sold in model year 2014 and it may end up being one of the highest production model years in the modern history of the Corvette.

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Source: Keith Cornett of CorvetteBlogger

Submitted by Phil Ellison