Pertronix Pointless Kit

Just wanted to share an experience. I have a '69 big block. Points and condenser have always been an issue. Even the best of points usually wouldn't last more than a couple of years. And over the years the manufacturing quality has tanked - as my friend Scott Smith, owner of Scotty's Southwest Corvettes recently expressed - "you can now buy 6 boxes of new points, and maybe - maybe one set will work".

Back up to the summer of 2015 - I started having "issues" that caused enough concern that I wouldn't take the '69 more than a few blocks from home (how far do you want to walk home if this dies?) I tinkered, replaced multiple things that were probably perfectly good - but couldn't shake the problems. Complete new electrical - plugs, wires, cap "points", the works. Still a no-go - actually a little worse.

As I usually do - I thought long and hard, then decided this must be a valve issue. Well, luckily before I started into the heavy lifting - I decided to replace the points with an electronic set. I was skeptical because this very same kit had been in my garage for about 10 years. I had tried this once before, and while I cannot remember why, at that time I didn't feel the kit worked well.

So I pop the kit in (quite easy - worst part is physically pulling the distributor out - or should I say - putting the distributor shaft back IN). Got all back in place, hit the key and like magic - the problems I had grown used to all disappeared. The timing did change on me - not sure why, but that's an easy fix. I've only had this new pointless system in for a week, but so far so good.

Source: Phil Ellison firsthand knowledge

Submitted by Phil Ellison