Tach Tip

When you look at the tachometer on your dash - you '62 - '74 owners - you probably think what a marvelous gadget and let it go at that. Well, if you do, it will. It must be greased every 15,000 miles or so. A penny's worth of grease will save you money and lots of grief. Here's how: At the base of the distributor, un-screw the drive cable; next remove the brass threaded bushing by carefully turning it out of the distributor housing. When it is in your hand, you will notice a small gear which comes out of the center. Grease this small shaft. Next put a large finger-full of chassis lube or white grease into the hole in the distributor and reassemble. If you want to grease the cable, it must be removed from the dash side.

Submitted by Donnie Marchi